Introducing our Sustainability Program 2026

3 min readJul 28, 2022

Our mission is simple: transport our customers to origin through our freshness and coffee experience. At the same time, we strive to protect the land from which our coffee grows as it is the lifeblood of our company, while improving the lives of those with whom we work and the communities in which they live. By creating a network of independent coffee farmers throughout Colombia’s coffee producing regions, we are able to build direct relationships with our suppliers that go above and beyond a traditional business transaction, allowing us to intimately understand their needs in producing the best product possible.

With the longevity of both our company and that of our partners in mind, Devoción has committed to a thoughtful sustainability strategy that will lead the company, our employees, our vendors and our producing partners in an effort to generate a positive impact on the environment, our communities and each other with everything we do.

We are very proud to share our Sustainability Program 2026, a guide to our continued improvement and social responsibility for the next several years to establish ourselves as the freshest and most authentic coffee purveyor while maintaining our commitment to improving lives and protecting the origin.

Devoción’s Sustainability Program 2026 consists of three core pillars: Social, Environmental, and Economic.

Socially, our goal is to promote the well-being of our employees by ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment. We promote their personal and professional development through cross-functional and soft-skills training programs.

Environmentally, we are committed to the planet and strive to improve the environmental management of our operations through innovation and campaigns that encourage the efficient use of resources. We aim to use renewable energy whenever feasible and promote a circular economy, reducing waste generated substantially.

Economically, we seek to generate a positive social and economic impact through our value chains, starting with the way our suppliers are selected by including sustainability criteria. We are dedicated to promoting responsible consumption at the local level and the execution of social projects that positively impact the community, all the while maintaining our standards of ethics and business responsibility.

Read the full published report here, or visit us at to stay up to date on our devotion to sustainability.




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